Net Neutrality (“Cable Company F***ery”)

I have just filed public testimony with the FCC regarding the proposed changes to Net Neutrality (or as John Oliver puts it, “Cable Company F***ery”).


Screen shot 2014-06-04 at 8.55.55 AM



There are a few moments in history where the actions of a few, good or bad, can impact generations to come. We are at one of those crossroads when it comes to protecting the Internet.

The Web is a place where we are all created equal. A blogger in rural Kansas has the same means to broadcast information as a major company in New York city. This premise promotes entrepreneurialism, democracy, and opportunity. Tinkering with this foundation, even just a little, could have major ramifications.

While cable companies may argue this is only fair for them, I argue that increasing a profit for a few can ultimately destroy the wealth of most. Wealth not only in monetary terms, but more importantly, in access to information.

This change was not asked because the public saw a problem. This change was proposed because a few saw it being a problem for their bottom line.

The FCC is a public institution whose aim is to protect the interest of the public. This is tremendous opportunity in history- please side with the people.

Adam Chiara


You too can file comment at: for Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet.

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