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Social media and emerging technology have completely disrupted the media landscape and how we consume information. As an authority on media-related issues in the news and politics, Adam Chiara can be your guide to understanding a variety of topics in the media ecosystem that we live in. In particular, Chiara often deals with the intersection of social media and politics.

Chiara is a professor of communication and a regular contributor for The Hill. He is frequently interviewed by news outlets for expert commentary and has given speeches on wide-ranging topics related to new media and communication. Chiara has earned a reputation for offering insight and commentary in a thoughtful and succinct manner.

Past Topics:

Balancing Your Media Diet — STEAM/PASS Program

Quote Mark“Adam’s personable and engaging manner quickly built a rapport with the audience that encouraged them to become part of the conversation. He shared his knowledge in such a way that people gained a greater understanding of this complex topic.”

— Rachael W. Funk, STEAM Event Coordinator


Want Students to Read Quality News? Have Them Open Up Snapchat — 2017 Northeast Media Literacy Conference

Quote Mark“I was very impressed by Adam’s charismatic and energized approach to starting a conversation with the audience. The research, references, and material he explores are thought-provoking and creative. A very passionate and engaged speaker!” 

— Ryan Eykholt, Attendee 


What Social Media Means To Broadcasters — Connecticut Broadcasters Association 2017 Convention

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